In answer to the growing demand for multigenerational living spaces, The National Innovation Centre Ageing (NICA) has collaborated with kitchen designer Johnny Grey and Profession of Practice Peter Gore to reinvent the kitchen as a multi-generational space.

Multigenerational households currently account for 1.8 million in the UK and growing fast; we are living longer, house prices are rising and land for new housing continues to be scarce.

The needs of the multigenerational kitchen can be complex, whether through age or disabilities, meaning it can quickly become a hostile and unsafe environment. The challenge set by the NICA was to design a kitchen that was functional, comfortable and safe for the whole family.

Back in 2017 NICA hosted insight gathering sessions with VOICE , a community of members of the public, patients & carers who contribute their unique individual experiences to improve research & drive innovation for ageing.

In collaboration with Gore and Grey, they explored a working kitchen, highlighting key tensions, unmet needs, as well as aspirations for living spaces. These insights were incorporated into the design brief for an innovative, ‘intelligent’, multigenerational kitchen.

The result is cutting-edge design coupled with the latest in smart home technology in a way that ensures this kitchen is safe for the whole family, with adaptable bench heights for food prep in a wheelchair, accessible storage and flood-proofing.

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